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Different national interests overcame the corporatist interests of the globalizing community, says American Financial Analyst Paul Spooner on the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election as US President. Speaking to O CLARIM, he rebuts the widespread idea that the Republican is a nightmare to the world, since it’s impossible to build a business empire like he did from New York City without being multicultural and open-minded.

Republican Donald Trump won the US presidential election. Are you surprised with this outcome?

I think the people that were listening to what he said knew that he would be speaking to a very large public audience and he would have a strong response, but no one really could gauge which would be stronger. The control of the establishment and the response of the common American people, so much the media of the United States was anti-Trump, and very heavily anti-Trump. So, there was a big question, whether would most of the people respond to this anti-Trump message coming from most of the media or would they have a more independent view? Personally, I think that is a very interesting development, and a little surprising that he won Wisconsin and also Pennsylvania. That was quite impressive.

Was it Donald Trump who won or Hillary Clinton who lost?

Both candidates had problems with their public interface. So, there were two big groups contending for power. In one side was the existing globalist community supporting the TPP [Trans-Pacific Partnership], NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement] and the World Trade Organization. These globalizing forces are reshaping the international trade community. On the other side were the people more focused in their own communities and their own nation, etc. Those two groups were in battle and then Hillary was a spokeswoman for the globalist community, while Donald Trump became the spokesman for the people more focused on their national community.

What if the Republican candidate didn’t win this election?

It’s clear that Trump has created a movement. Even if Trump had lost then he would have an extremely powerful position within the Republican Party, and would have been able to shape the dialogue from his base in New York, and with Republican control of both Houses [Senate and Congress]. A new nuclear structure has been created in the United States, which Trump is leading. So, back to your question: he won!

American society is deeply divided. Is there a danger of large-scale riots throughout the country?

There may be small disruption, but Trump has a huge support network throughout the country. It’s obvious. You know, Donald Trump grew up and started his whole professional career in New Your City. There’s no more international city in the United States than this one. So, New Yorkers know that you can’t be a New Yorker and have difficult ethnic views. You get along with everybody and you work with everybody. Around him, he’s going to have people that know how to deal with many of these groups who may be disappointed. A big one might be Afro-Americans, but he has with him Ben Carson, and the Sheriff of Milwaukee County David Clack Jr. These are Afro-Americans. They are extremely well respected and great leaders. So, they will be able to step in in any sort of current disruption and be able to moderate them.

Donald Trump seems to be highly questionable…

The most important thing is not to get caught up in the high probably of the political fighting caused when he was on the campaign. You need to go back and see who Donald Trump is, where he started his business, what his business was, how difficult it is to run a business like that, how successful he is and how many different types of people or organizations  he has been working with.

There were public complaints of him being a racist, a bigot, a sex offender and for not being an honest businessman…

It’s important to differentiate the rhetoric and the hyper language that circulates in the political class and in the media from the reality.

How about the strong words that came out from his mouth?

Well, not as strong from those of the Democrats, who really attacked him for being a bigot, a racist, an anti-Semite and so on. You can’t run a business like he is running in New York City, and in other parts of the world, with the type of success he has without being extremely clever and open-minded person. It is impossible to do it [otherwise].

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