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Escola do Santíssimo Rosário to close in 2017

admin / June 17, 2016

After meeting with parents

The Diocese of Macau, in order to better allocate its educational resources, has requested DSEJ to discontinue the operations of the Escola do Santíssimo Rosário (ESSR), effective academic year 2017/2018. The diocese hopes to weigh the real demands of society, as well as to restudy the school’s development. A meeting with all parents, around fifty of them, was held in the morning of June 11 together with Vicar General Fr Pedro Chong Chi Kin, Procurator Fr João Evangelista Lau and ESSR Principal Mrs Yeung Wai Ching (楊慧青女士). The meeting covered the suspension proposal, and collected opinions and suggestions from the parents.

Main reason: Lack of students

The Diocesan Catholic Education Commission explained that the main reason for the move lies in the lack of sufficient students: “The total number of students in the forthcoming academic year will be about 60 students. Some grades do not have students anymore, some other grades have only few students. The Diocese thus made the suspension decision in view of all unfavorable factors in the school.”

The Commission added that a school is a place for students to socialize in a community. Students thus learn to respect each other, and cherish one’s own value system through living with each other. Peer cooperation and interaction can also stimulate the concept of division of work as well as communion. However, the enduring problem of lack of enrollment impedes the formation of community life. It is hoped that this can be solved when students are able to transfer to new schools for a better learning environment.

Diocese: Priorities are always the students’ welfare

Student transfers remained the overriding concern of the parents during the Saturday meeting. Student welfare is also the top priority of the Diocese. Therefore, diocesan representatives in the meeting promised to be in close communication with DSEJ, and use all means available to arrange the transfer of all affected students to other diocesan schools. In addition, special efforts will be deployed in order to assist them to adapt to new schools. Regarding some individual requests on school transfer, the Diocese of Macau will also listen and follow up the respective cases after the approval of the suspension.

In response to the ESSR suspension application, the decision was made after a series of discreet, thorough and comprehensive discussions among Bishop Lee and members in the diocese.

We beseech the merciful Lord to grant peace and hope to the affected teachers, students and parents. God bless.


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