Pope Francis and Rosary

Syria: the real story (19) – We have very powerful weapons

Sister Maria de Guadalupe Rodrigo, SSVM

We have the most powerful weapons: the Rosary. Who says the Rosary? Surely you say the Rosary everyday. How many of us would dare to say the Rosary out in the street bringing our Rosary beads? [You might say] “No, please. No. I carry it, but very well hidden [in the pocket] and I say it quietly.” But what harm will I do with the Rosary, please tell me. One can carry a machine gun, but not a Rosary! At home we say grace before and after meals, but when we are out there with friends … [You may say] “No, no, I do it by myself, interiorly.” What in the world is that? Whom are we offending?

I always give the same example. Let us think of a young girl who is in love. You see it in her face, in her eyes, … Even if she doesn’t tell you, you can say, “This girl is in love! You can see it in her eyes! She cannot hide it.”

[Let us assume] “By law, it is prohibited for young girls in love to write in public places the name of their loved ones — because it offends others.” How ridiculous!

This is our faith, the love for Jesus Christ is seen in our eyes. Whom do we offend with this? We cannot leave Christ hidden inside the church. We enter the church, we tell him, “Jesus, how much I love you. I ask for this, give me that.” But once I get out of the church, I tell him, “Lord, stay here. Don’t even think of going out! Because if you do, it does not give a good impression!”

Imagine if your wife or husband were to tell you, “You know I love you so much at home, but when we go out, as some people don’t like it, I don’t know you.” “Oh, this one? I don’t know? It’s my first time to see him (or her).”

Is that love?

Our faith is love, it is love for Jesus Christ. We cannot silence that love! It is the love for which we should be ready to die! If not, it is because we really don’t love.

A mother loves her child, and is ready to give her life, if needed, for that child. How many mothers are here? Tell me, right now, if you are not disposed to give your lives for one of your children if it were needed. Because you love them!

That is our love for Jesus Christ. Be ready to give your life! May the persecuted Christians inspire us. May they give us strength. May they shake us up!

I believe that they are bringing with them a new springtime for the Church. They need our prayers, very much, but we are in even greater need of them and their example.

I end with a prayer, a hymn to the Blessed Virgin. It is a hymn in Arabic translation, the one I was telling you about: “We fly to your patronage, O holy Mother of God, despise not our petitions in our necessities, but deliver us from all dangers, O ever glorious and blessed Virgin.” It is one of their favorite hymns, which they sing with great devotion, with tears.

(Translated and edited: Rev José Mario O Mandía)

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