Next Visit 

【作者】Teresa Lo

For weeks the would-be five-year-old Cayenne had been telling her mother that she wanted to make tea for me. Knowing that I would visit them on a Sunday, Cayenne came up with all sorts of ideas to welcome me:  tossing ball, playing Lego, singing and serving me tea.

I sat on the floor with her, her two-year-old brother and her mother. To show my sincerity, I gave her a small box of vanilla wafer.   At the onset, she listened to her mother’s words and consumed only two.  But while her mother and I went deeper and deeper into our conversation, the little girl was carried away by the sweet wafers.  She went out of our sight and was later found nibbling at the rest of the wafer sticks quietly in her room. 

Her mother laughed away her little daughter’s victory.  I was glad Cayenne liked her gift.

In the three-hour visit, Cayenne had a great many ways to entertain herself, her brother and us.  Whatever she did, she wanted me to share her thoughts, her talents and her love.  She wanted my presence. 

Cayenne had a joyful and fulfilling Sunday afternoon with me.  In return, I learn from this little girl a bit about the way God walks with me.  Just as Cayenne cares how I interact with her, God cares if I am mindful of His presence too.  God awaits me with great anticipation of the graces He prepares to bestow.  If ever I notice and respond wholeheartedly, God will exult in this moment of love and friendship. 

Cayenne is expecting my next visit.  So is God. 

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