Diocese of Macau - Chancery Notice

Chancery Notice

Bishop Stephen Lee Bun Sang has made the following appointments:

1 Vicar General: Fr. Pedro Chong Chi Kin

2. Chancelor: Fr. Manuel António Machado, MCCJ

3. Procurator: Fr.  João Evangelista Lau

4. Rector of St. Joseph Seminary: Bishop Stephen Lee

5. Procurator of the Seminary: Pe. Jojo Peter Ancheril, CMF

6. Formation Team and Vocations Promotion:  Fr. Domingos Un Wai Meng, Fr.  Jojo Peter Ancheril, Fr. Cyril Law Wai Kit

7. Diocesan Economic Council:  Bishop Stephen Lee, Fr. Pedro Chong Chi Kin, Fr. Manuel António Machado, Fr.  João Evangelista Lau, Ms. Joana Lei Kit Peng, Ms. Maria Fatima Yu Poupinho, Mr. Roque Choi

8. Fr. João Evangelista Lau Parish Priest of St. Lázaro and Acting Parish Priest of the Cathedral, ceasing to be the Parish Priest of the Cathedral.

9. Fr. Michael Lee Hun Joon ceases to be Assistant Parish Priest in St. Francis Xavier in Mong Ha and becomes Parish Priest of St. Francis Xavier Parish in Coloane. He also ceases his service as Diocesan Procurator.

10. Fr. Ramon Abadicio Manalo, SSP – ceases to be Parish Priest at St. Francis Xavier Parish in Coloane and is appointed as Assistant Parish Priest of Our Lady of Carmo in Taipa.

11. Fr. José Lau Chit Meng ceases to be Rector of the Seminary.

These provisions take effect on April 1, 2016

Given at the Chancery on March 9, 2016

Fr. Manuel Antonio Machado, MCCJ (Chancelor)

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