Fr Luís Lei Xavier, 66

Requiescat in pace

Former parish priest of St Lazarus Father Luís Lei Xavier passed away in the Lord on February 16 at 10:00 AM. He was 66 years old. He was accompanied in his last moments by Father João Lau and the prayers of the faithful.

The funeral Mass for Father Xavier will be held at 11:00 AM on Saturday, February 20, at the Cathedral of Macau. His remains will be brought to the Cathedral at 10:00 AM. After the Mass, the interment will take place at the Saint Michael Cemetery.

Father Xavier was born in Macau on October 12, 1949. He studied Philosophy at the Holy Spirit Seminary in Hong Kong and Theology at the major seminary of Leiria in Portugal. He was ordained priest on December 23, 1973 in Portugal.

Fr Xavier during the CFC (Couples for Christ) Macau Praisefest 2013 at the Instituto Salesiano Chapel.
Fr Xavier during the CFC (Couples for Christ) Macau Praisefest 2013 at the Instituto Salesiano Chapel.

He returned to Macau in 1975, teaching at Ricci School. In June 1976, he was appointed parish priest of the Cathedral and in March 1979 he became a member of the cathedral chapter which advises the bishop. In May of the same year, he became chaplain to the Cursillo movement. In January of 1980, he headed the Diocesan Portuguese Language Sunday School Committee. In October, he taught Religious Studies at the Commercial School. He has also served as a member of the financial consultative body of the diocese, rector of St Joseph’s Seminary, head of the general services department of the University of St Joseph, bishop’s representative for the pastoral care of Portuguese-speaking faithful, parish priest of Mount Carmel Parish (Taipa) and of Saint Lazarus Parish. In 2012, the Macau Government awarded him a medal of merit.

Couples for Christ, Macau
Couples for Christ, Macau

One of the groups that Fr Xavier had helped during his stay at Mount Carmel Parish is the Couples for Christ. CFC leader Danilo Ngo, upon hearing of his demise, remarked, “It is like losing a family member here in Macau. He was not only a priest; he is also good friend to us.” In 2008, Fr Xavier made it possible for CFC Macau to be registered in the Government of Macau as a non-profit and religious organization. “For us, he is a symbol of hope in a place, away from our own families and relatives. We will be missing him.”

Clarim requests the dear readers to offer suffrages so that the Lord whom he has served faithfully may reward him eternal joy.

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