On whether God exists

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Dr Michael Chan, DMD

This is a very philosophical topic, to talk about whether God exists. If God did not exist, religion would only be a show. Catechism class would only be a social gathering. Let us examine the topic from different angles.

CONSCIENCE. Two things can be said here. First, there is something in us that tells us, “Do good, avoid evil.” Everyone has a conscience, even if sometimes it may make the wrong judgment or give the wrong advice. Yet there is always the inner voice that tells us to do good and avoid evil. Secondly, this “voice” is beyond our control, independent of our personal desire. No one can avoid being scolded by his conscience if he disobeys it. Some people say that conscience does not exist, that good and bad depend on society. But this small voice is there independently of what society says.

The Second Vatican Council tells us that the conscience is the most secret chamber of our mind and that within this chamber, man faces God alone. The fact that each one has a conscience points to a source, whom we call God.

CAUSE AND EFFECT. Let us say that we cut out the few hundred words in this essay and scatter them on the floor, then pick them up at random, would we be able to assemble the essay as it was before? Certainly not. Even if we were to simplify the example by using one sentence, say “Michael Chan writes this essay,” and try the same operation, still we may still not be able to put the same sentence  together again by picking up the pieces at random.

This world is also like one piece of essay that could not have been assembled at random. It requires a cause. Some people say that those who try to explain God as the cause of the world are superstitious. But I must say that to choose to explain the existence of life without God can also be called superstitious. 

MAN’S SEARCH FOR THE IDEAL. The play “West Side Story” talks about the disputes and fights between two rival gangs of youngsters. The male and female leading actors belong to different gangs, but love makes them come together. But the situation worsens, and either one of the male or female leading actors have to face life and death. And they sing about “a place for us … somewhere.” We yearn for a more perfect world. If there is no eternal life, no heaven, no real perfect and beautiful world, then I think man is the most pitiful being or creature who ever existed. As for myself, I do believe that there will be “a new heaven and a new earth” where God will dry all the tears from our eyes, and there will be no more death and sorrow. To believe that God exists is to believe that there is a future life. To believe that God exists is to live life with hope. 

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