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More for people, less for establishment

admin / January 1, 2016


Pedro Daniel Oliveira

Father Manuel Machado, Chancellor of the Diocese of Macau, said that much can be done in 2016, but when he read the Pope’s message for the World Day of Peace, to be held on the 1st of January, he became convinced people need to overcome indifference to favor the social peace.

“Even in Macau we need to be able to give attention to people, because by this way we can live in harmony. In Macau, where we can find people from so many backgrounds, if there is a lack of minimum acceptance, and if we do not look to others as part of this world, it’s clear to me that there will be even more social discrimination,” said Father Machado.

“Businesspersons shouldn’t look only to their interests because the indifference does not favor social well-being, promotes disharmony, conflicts, injustices and divisions,” he noted.

Macau’s financial downturn does not worry legislator Vong Hin Fai that much because he forecasts an increase of the population’s quality of life in 2016. In his opinion, “the year of 2015 went smoothly,” although “there was an economic adjustment in Macau due to a fall in gaming revenues,” which is not a big concern because “the Government has a budget surplus.”

Mr Vong is expects “a rise of the population’s quality of life for next year,” as well as “an improvement of the public transport services,” and praised “Secretary Tam (in charge of Social Affairs and Culture)” because “of the great reform [he has initiated] in the Health Bureau.”

“Any reform has its opposition, for sure. I trust it will be better next year,” he stated, commenting on the criticism towards Alexis Tam Chon Weng during the debate on the Policy Address for the Fiscal Year 2016 by a certain number of legislators linked to the Kiang Wu Hospital.

To Jorge Fão, a previous legislator and co-founder of APOMAC, a local association for retired citizens, “all problems are a priority in the eyes of ordinary people,” but he prefers “to list only two, the ones people are more concerned on their daily life, namely traffic, which is increasingly chaotic, and the poorly qualified medical personnel.”

“Another issue that seems to have been doomed to oblivion by those who look after the interests of the local population, is the urgent need to protect our environment. Have we noticed the air we breathe every day? The layer of brownish/greyish air coming from the North, particularly during the winter months, is a sign that something is wrong.”

Nevertheless, “there will be an improvement in the quality of life in Macau, as it is appears that this new Government is working much better and has sought greater communication with the people, combined with a greater transparency of its procedures.”

“Another aspect that seems to have improved is the courage and the way the Government addresses the problems, which is welcome and worth mentioning, though sometimes not always in perfect harmony,” stated Mr Fão.