Children and technology addiction

Bishop appeals to parents: form children to live in the real world

Bishop of Macau José Lai has issued his Christmas message, intended not only for the Catholic faithful but also for the public at large.

The bishop notes how, “Each year, when Christmas comes, all men and women are reminded of the birth of Christ, revealing the joy that the Child brings to all men.”

He continues, “Childhood is the first step of life’s most precious and golden moment. As the saying goes, ‘People are born good, they are all the same, but their habits make them different from one another.’”

In order to make sure that children acquire good habits, the Bishop cites the need “to provide a morally sound formation for them to grow. In the educational process,” he goes on, “parents, teachers, mentors all play an important role, giving their own lives as an example, displaying the three Confucian virtues of ‘wisdom, compassion and courage’ that correspond to the intellect, the feelings and the will.”

Bishop Lai points out the importance of education, which “engenders man’s moral consciousness, and leads to virtuous acts towards one’s family, society, country and the whole of mankind.”

However, he speaks about a threat to the moral upbringing of children. He cites the rapid development of technology on one hand, and on the other, “parents have to work hard each day for a living, and find themselves worn out, to the point of neglecting the education of the next generation. Children are learning more from television and the internet, absorbing everything into their young minds, but without knowing how to distinguish good from evil in this virtual world, thus transforming their youth from a pure and simple life to a complex and disorderly one, making them lose their innocence and the chance for healthy growth.”

The bishop adds, “Parents and young people, through a rationally positive attitude, need to discern between correct information and temptation.”

Bishop Lai warns that when one falls into this virtual world, it is not possible to practice love in the real world. He thus calls for the need to cultivate “a healthy family education, moral education, religious education” in order “to correct mistaken notions and behavior,” after which “one can have a stable society.” – JMOM

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