On Consecrated Life: In gratitude to our religious vocation

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Monsignor Ante Jozić
Holy See Study Mission

Below is the address given by Monsignor Ante Jozić from the Holy See Study Mission, Hong Kong.

Dear Brother and Sisters in consecrated life,

I am very happy to be here today in Macau and to be able to share my short reflection on the occasion of the Year of Consecrated life.

Last year on the Feast of Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 21 November 2014, the Holy Father, Pope Francis Wrote an Apostolic Letter to all Consecrated People for this occasion. I am quite sure that each one of you in your communities read this letter of the Successor of Peter and put into action some of his proposals during this year that will be concluded in a few months.

Pope Francis proclaimed the Year of Consecrated Life on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Lumen Gentium which speaks of religious in its sixth chapter, and of the Decree Perfectae Caritatis on the renewal of religious life. The Year will conclude with the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple on 2 February 2016 during the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy.

The aims of the Year of Consecrated Life are taken by the Holy Father from the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Vita Consecrata and I find them very interesting and useful for our reflection today. I would like to quote a sentence: “You have not only a glorious history to remember and to recount, but also a great history still to be accomplished! Look to the future, where the Spirit is sending you in order to do even greater things” (110).

1. The first of these aims is to look to the past with gratitude for our religious vocation

All our Institutes are having their charisms where their members accepted to follow Christ more closely and to respond creatively to the needs of the Church. This Year is one new opportunity to reflect on origins and history of our communities and to thank God who grants the Church a variety of gifts.

Reflecting on our history, we reflect on our identity, on our unity as a family and on our common sense of belonging. History is our teacher in the present life. History teaches us how the charism has been lived over the years.

In this particular moment, we are invited to thank God for our consecrated life and to undertake a fruitful journey of renewal, in order that present and future time may be a time of grace for us and be marked by the presence of the Holy Spirit.

(To be continued in the next issue)

Featured Image: Sr. Cheung Yung Sau Margaret (left) helps deliver a simultaneous translation to the Chinese-speaking faithful as Monsignor Ante Jozić delivers his address.
Photo by: Ivan Leong

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