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VIDEO Father Nicosia, The Angel of The Lepers (Trailer)

admin / October 27, 2015
Fr Nicosia

Father Nicosia was born in 1915 in San Giovanni La Punta, Catania (Italy). He arrived in Ka Ho, Macau, in 1958, to take care of the patients suffering from leprosy. Thanks to the use of western medicine and to the indefatigable dedication of this priest, the patients started to receive medical treatment and the village slowly became leprosy-free. Father Nicosia helped many of these people to get reintegrated into society, despite the stigma attached to this illness. Nicosia also carried out other important projects that led – among others – to the construction of a school and a hospital for disabled people in Macau.

Father Gaetano Nicosia, who turned 100 last April, lives now at the Salesian House in Shau Kei Wan. This documentary is exploring his life journey from Sicily to Macau and the work he carried out with amazing devotion for the people most in need.

The cultural platform Beyond Thirty-nine ( made the documentary to pay tribute to this remarkable Italian missionary. The completion of the project was possible also thanks to a crowdfunding campaign and to the generous contributions of all donors.

Debut date:
2015-11-11 (Wed.), 6:30pm, Lecture Theater of the Visual Arts Centre, Central, HK