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Stephan Rothlin, SJ, is the new director of Macau Ricci Institute

Pedro Daniel Oliveira

Father Stephan Rothlin, SJ, was nominated the Director of the Macau Ricci Institute (MRI), at the General Assembly held on the 22nd of June. He replaced Father Artur Wardęga, SJ, who ran the office since June 2007.

“His nomination was necessary because the term of the previous director, Father Artur Wardega, came to an end after two consecutive appointments, because according to the constitutions of the Society of Jesus he couldn’t go beyond that,” said César Guillén-Nuñez, new Secretary of the General Assembly of the MRI.

“(Father Stephan Rothlin) is a specialist on business ethics and he is very much interested in this part. So, it is not necessarily that he would be opposed to the Arts, or Literature or History, but he will bring a new dimension to the business ethics and research that is connected to that. Naturally, because of his academic field, it will be what he will try to develop in this Institute,” explained Mr. Guillén-Nuñez, also a research fellow of MRI and a historian of the Art of Portugal, Spain and Latin America.

“Part of the duties of the Jesuits is to go out on society and to get mixed into it. They were not secluded from the world in the time of Saint Ignatius of Loyola (one of the founders of the Society of Jesus), just like in the world of today. As we know, business, and business ethics in particular, is very much a part of the modern world,” he added.

During the General Assembly, the new director and also Father Thierry Meynard, SJ, were elected to be coordinators of the Legal Committee and César Guillén-Nuñez to be the Secretary of the General Assembly, while Paul Rule, Liu Jingjing, Francisco Pinheiro and Lana Ho were accepted as the Ordinary Members.

Father Wardega reported on the achievements and activities from June 2007 to June 2015, and John Lee Hua, Provincial of the Jesuits’ Chinese Province, reported on the transformation of the MRI. After the election of new Ordinary Members of the MRI, the new director proposed the Action Plan and a motion was presented to change current by-laws and to appoint a legal committee to work on a new one.

The meeting (after the election) was attended by Stephan Rothlin, John Lee Hua, Beda Liu Chia-cheng, Luís Sequeira, Yves Camus, Stephen Tong Chak Long, Alfred Deignan, Artur Wardega, Thierry Meynard, Christian Cochini, Antoni Uçerler, César Guillén-Nuñez, Jerónimo Hung and Tereza Sena, among others.

Father Stephan Rothlin was born in Zurich, Switzerland. He is fluent in six languages, included Putonghua, and served as Secretary General and Vice Director of the Centre for International Business Ethics at the University of International Business Ethics, in Beijing.

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