Sport makes good citizens

Portuguese school in Macau crowned champions in football

Pedro Daniel Oliveira

The coordinator of extracurricular activities of the Portuguese School of Macau (PSM), professor Nuno Marques, told O CLARIM that sports in school are essential in producing quality people for society as well as being an important tool to detect athletes with outstanding skills to compete in the league level.

“It is essential for the formation of kids for their social integration. The competition (between schools), besides the health benefits, gives the students a sense of belonging to the group and pride in representing their school, which is the way to instil them the social values. The most skilful ones can then pursue their sporting activity in the clubs,” stated Mr. Marques.

His comments came after PSM was crowned champion in football (category B) and miniature football (category D) in school championships organized by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau for 2014- 2015.

The PSM’s football team of nine players coached by Professor Arlindo Serro won the final against Yuet Wah College in category B (14-15 years old). The title was clinched on the penalty kicks after the score came to the full time a draw. The team of eleven, also coached by Mr. Serro, was however eliminated in the quarter-finals of category A (16-19) by Macau Anglican College, also by the penalty kicks.

In the miniature football (“bolinha”) the team of seven players coached by professor Agostinho Caetano became the champion in category D (10-11), beating Yuet Wah College 1-0, while in category C (12-13) it secured third place by winning Anglican College by the same score. “Our work has been continuity, because I coach players that come from category D (10-11),” said Arlindo Serro.

Professor Agostinho Caetano attributed “utmost importance” to sports in school, for “at this age students are in school, where they spend most of their time.” For Mr. Agostinho it is the place “where they should have all possible experiences,” adding that “it is something distinct from representing a club,” because while a “club is for the best ones, school is for all.”

Extra-curricular activities of EPM include football, miniature football, volleyball, handball, basketball, table tennis, gymnastics, badminton and climbing.

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