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Book Portraying school ship “SAGRES” in three languages

Pedro Daniel Oliveira

Joaquim Magalhães de Castro, a researcher in the History of Portuguese Overseas Discoveries and Expansion, has released on the last 12th of May his latest book entitled Sagres, Our Barque. The launching ceremony took place in the auditorium of the General Consulate of Portugal in Macau and Hong Kong.

“This 283-page photographic album is a trilingual work in Portuguese, Chinese and English that aims to be a reliable and intense record of day-to-day life on the ship Sagres, played by a fantastic and supportive crew from which I learned a lot. It is also a a way to make this training ship (perhaps one of the most beloved symbols of Portugal) internationally known,” Mr. Castro told O CLARIM.

“2012 is a year of celebration for the training ship Sagres, as we celebrate 75 years of its launch and 50 years since the ship first hoisted Portugal’s flag,” remarked then commander Sardinha Monteiro, on his introduction for the book.

“The book also portrays the role of the ship as Roving Ambassador which reached its climax in a round-the-world voyage in 2010, whose last leg was accompanied by the author, who also had the opportunity to attend other initiatives supporting the State foreign policy, such as the Open Sea Initiative – 2011, in support of building Cape Verde Guard’s own capabilities,” he adds.

Mr. Castro’s book is available at the “Livraria Portuguesa” (Portuguese Bookshop), which is located in the heart of Macau.

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