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University of Asia and the Pacific may enter Macau

Pedro Daniel Oliveira

The Advanced Management Program of the University of Asia and the Pacific, to be taught in Manila, Shanghai, Jakarta and Barcelona, can help Macau business sector to adopt ethics and good governance. The Macau Special Administrative Region may be chosen as venue for future courses.

The University of Asia and the Pacific, in Manila, is interested in including Macau in its Advanced Management Program (AMP) specially designed for owners and senior executives of successful enterprises in the Southeast Asia region.

“The next program will be in September and consists of four modules to be lectured in Manila, Shanghai, Jakarta and Barcelona. In future we would like to include Macau. We need to find the right partner, maybe the University of Macau,” Bernardo Villegas, co-founder of the University of Asia and the Pacific, told O CLARIM

The program is organized in cooperation with the IESE Business School, based in Barcelona, Spain, “a leading business school in the world that focuses on the virtues and values of business leaders who make significant contributions to the common good society, because its very motto is to produce global leaders who can make a positive difference.”

“The participants of the AMP, which will be mostly from the ASEAN countries, such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and others, are going to learn how to go beyond their respective functional roles as marketing, finance, production or human resource managers to assume the challenging role of the CEO,” explained Dr. Villegas. 

“They will be helped to grow their businesses in Macau or outside Macau during this Asian Century when the advanced countries are slowing down and the emerging markets are taking the lead in global growth. The participants will also be especially exposed to the ASEAN Economic Community as an area in which to expand their business operations,” he added.

Module 1 of the AMP, about “Mission”, will be in Manila (September 21 to 26); Module 2, “Relevance”, in Shanghai (November 16 to 21); Module 3, “Strategy”, in Jakarta (January 18 to 23,,2016,); and Module 4, “Leadership”, in Barcelona (March 14 to 18).

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