Human Values…..

Sr. Sam

It seems that every one values everything in this world, except their lives. The commodity which is here today and tomorrow no more, is valued and the price tag is fixed and one pays for it according to someone’s label. The priceless things are priced, but the most valuable gift given by the creator is forgotten.

Today’s violence and terrorism explicitly tell us that human life is held at the point of knife and gun. Very easily human beings kill each other at the mall, at school, at the place of worship, anywhere at anytime human life is at stake.

It is high time that one realizes the value of one’s life and the life of others. God has created us, blessed us with tremendous power with in us. Let us respect our life and respect other’s life. Because God has created it and He has paid price through His son Jesus Christ.

We need to stop thinking negative of ourselves. We need to accept ourselves, value ourselves; we need to feel ourselves blessed with abundance and fullness. Because life is what we make it.

The choice is ours. Why not choose the life of respect and fullness?  One has to believe in God and His opinion about us rather than the opinion of people. Because people label us according to our status, wealth and richness. God values us for what we are and we are precious in His eyes.

Parents and teachers have the great responsibility to sow the seeds in growing children, the values of life. Whether it is children or adults, the mind has to be constantly formed to respect others irrespective of their color, age, status and poverty. Everyone on this earth has a right to live and be happy. Each one of us has the responsibility and the obligation to contribute to others’ happiness and their living. In the same way that we have rights to do many things, so do we have rights to respect others.

If we want happiness, we need to make others happy; if we want respect, we need to respect others. If we expect help from others, we need to help others. This is the law of the universe, what we think and what we do to others comes back to us. No one can change this law.

Everyone on this earth has been created with some purpose, we need to be what God wants us to be, we are here to do the “will” of God not the “will” of man. And the will of God is to love God and His people in the world.  To be what God wants us to be, and value oneself and others … and make a difference.

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