Don’t Add Me, Please

Aurelio Porfiri

I am sure that something similar happened also to you. One billion people are on Facebook and indeed it is an interesting way to connect with people around the world. But there are downsides. Sometimes I receive a notification saying that someone unknown “added you to the irritable bowel syndrome fans group”.

I mean, being very emotional I may be familiar with this syndrome but not really a fan. And why would someone add me? But it is even worse if you consider other scenarios.

When someone added you without your consent to a group for those appreciating something with which you don’t have the slightest connection and then, in the newsfeed everyone, on receiving news of your affiliation to that group, will think that maybe they did not know you so well. But indeed in life things are not so easy.

Even in our liturgical life we need to make the choice where we want to stand. It cannot be just that a priest fresh off the seminary adds you to the “Vatican II group” implying you will accept to be part of his version of the Vatican II. No, we need to decide where we want to stand. Indeed the choice is compulsory: we have to be with the Church in the entirety of her history and tradition. We cannot follow the ideas of this or that priest, the pastoral revolution of this or that bishop if they are saying goodbye to what the church should be about. Of course changes are always necessary, but we cannot live at the rhythm of revolutions. Change should grow organically from what was before, and should not deny the past for something new at any cost. If someone were to tell you that Vatican II wants this and that, ask him which document of the Council said it. Be ready to counter react when the answer is one of those that are lost in arguments attributing everything to the “spirit of the council”. It is true, the Spirit blows where He wants, but not where they want. But, they will not listen … and so it will make sense also for you to join me in the irritable bowel syndrome fans group….

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