Sr. Sam

As a child everyone must have played blindfold. I still remember while playing with blindfold, instead of catching my friends I accidentally held an elderly man. I screamed for the victory, but after untying my eyes I realized it was not my friend with whom I was playing, but some one else, out of the group. Of course that was a childhood game.

But today though we are grown up, we still play blindfold in our lives, perhaps not as a game , but  as a member of the consumer society.  Without thinking and without realizing we just follow the trend and brand, because today we are stamped with new brand of everything we eat or wear.  Whether it is need or not, everyone rushes to it.  Because it is a modern trend.

Money makers just put a price tag and place the items on the shelf, and we just pick up pay the price and walk out. Perhaps it may not be needed or useful, but because someone has bought it so we too buy that, or it is a new fashion, so we like to have it.

Whether child or adult they pay at the gym to reduce their weight but they will not climb the stairs even for one floor, because we are losing the capacity to think and distinguish between needs and our wants.  Nobody realizes how his life is going on. 

In today’s world, whether in the family or walking on the road, people have become strangers to each other, people are very much familiar with the modern gadgets and electronics, but strangers to their own human kind.

Just having electronics gadgets doesn’t bring happiness to life. There is something beyond that. One has to celebrate the gift of life, by being aware of one’s life and its purpose. We are not here just to eat and drink, but live a life in its fullness, thanking God for everything and for everyone on this earth. Life becomes more meaningful, when life is shared with others, not only through things but by being one with others.

It is high time for us to raise our heads and see the creation of God around us, both nature and human beings. Life has something more to give, something more to share. Something more than e-Life.

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