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Secretary general of Caritas Macau on the government policies for Elderly

Pedro Daniel Olivera

Paul Pun Chi Ming, secretary-general of Caritas Macau, urged the Government to talk less and do more on social affairs, in order to support the elderly in particular.

“I’ve been listening to many people saying that aging population is a problem, because there is an increase in life expectancies in this territory, where at same time we’re dealing with the shortage of lands for new facilities, while the elderly require a lot of help,” said Mr. Paul Pun to O CLARIM. He also cautioned about the latest population projections which pointed out that the proportion of the elderly would reach 22.4% in 2031.

“More and more elderly are living in Macau, but there isn’t a sufficient number of centres for them. We need more measures to strengthen the family support and assistance. Due to the limited space of the territory it’s impossible to build an adequate number of asylums, so the families must play a key role in their care,” described Mr. Paul Pun.

In his opinion, the solution “is to consolidate the community support network by opening more day care centres for the elderly”, he grouses about the fact that there are only a few in Macau. Nevertheless, the ones that provide this kind of service “are important to ease the burden of families.”

The statement of Mr Pun happened shortly before Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai On and Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Alexis Tam Chong Veng answered questions from the floor of the Legislative Assembly about the Policy Address for the Fiscal Year 2015.

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