Who is Christ?

Sr. Sam

The Biblical explanation of Christ is known to everyone on this earth , at least those who believe in him, have read and heard about Him. To know exactly, who Christ is, reading and hearing alone is not sufficient.

One need to go beyond reading and hearing, we need to have a deeper understanding of the person of Christ. Who was He?  Why He came on this Earth? What was His purpose, and what was His life style? The simple truth is, that Jesus Christ was a Godly man, He was a man of peace and Love, He was a man who thought differently and did differently, He spoke with conviction, He did what He spoke and He spoke what He did. He lived a simple life and experienced the immense Joy within. He just spoke few things that is:

“God is Love and God Loves everyone, you and me.’’ He too had temptations, rejections and persecutions. But He experienced the permanent  bliss, the eternity, the joy within. He had realized his divinity, His purpose, his mission, his oneness with God the Father, the supreme power, the supreme Intelligence.

Jesus Christ does not ask you to do big things, He does not burden you with so many ‘’Dos and ‘’Don’ts’’. He does not laden you with heavy sets of rules. Neither has He condemned you for not following the rules. Jesus wants you to be free, free from within.

He wants you to realize your original state, Peace, Joy and Love. You are good , because God created you good. You are blessed, because He has blessed you. All you need is to realize these goodness in you and around you. Believe in yourself, just think different and do different, you don’t need to follow the crowd, you need to follow your conscience. And your thoughts and deeds need to follow Christ.

So, don’t be afraid to follow Jesus. All He asks you to Believe in Him, and try to live as He lived, with Love and Compassion .. . It is simple but profound living.

To be a Christian is to be a joyful person,  and a joyful person radiates Joy to others, to follow Jesus is to be free from within, and who is free , sows freedom in others. That’s all.


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