Placing God’s will at the centre of our family lives

Sunday Reflection — Dec 28, 2014 (Holy Family)

Placing God’s will at the centre of our family lives

First Reading: Genesis 15:1-6;21:1-3
Second Reading: Hebrew 11:8,11-12,17-19
Gospel: Luke 2:22-40

Paul Yeung

It is hard to comprehend that Jesus spent 30 years (out of 33 years of human life) to be with His family before he began His public ministry. It speaks volumes about the importance of Family in the eyes of God.

The formation and the nurturing of the Holy Family had tremendous impact on Jesus, preparing Him for His public ministry, characterized by His compassion and infinite mercy. As much as His family means to Jesus, how important it is for us reprioritize our lives to place families again the centre of our lives and our society.

Each member of the family has special and indispensable role. We are gifts to one another, and by fully living out the responsibilities entrusted to us, each family member can make our family complete, and that is crucial to preserve the function and integrity of the family.

Learning from Abraham and the Holy Family, we ought to place God’s will at the centre of our family lives. God has entrusted us to one another in hopes that we help one another to fulfill the will of God in our lives. Family is the domestic church. Not only should we not hinder, but we also need to nourish and empower one another to follow the will of God. We cannot do that alone, just as Jesus counted on His family and His extended family (the Church He instituted) to help carry out His mission.

To follow God’s will is never easy. There will be different challenges and uncertainties that await us, as evident in the lives of Abraham and the Holy Family. If we remain focus on doing His will, and persevere with unwavering faith trusting that our Lord is a faithful God and will keep His promises, He will bring us to the Promised Land.

The Holy Family enjoyed no special privileges and was forced to be refugees the moment Jesus was born, yet they preserved the integrity of the family, and subject themselves fully to the law of the Lord. It illustrates that it is possible to follow the model of the Holy Family even in difficult circumstances. May all families strive to follow God’s will and reflect the love and faithfulness of God in our own families.

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