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Mary represents joyous expectation

admin / December 21, 2014

December 21, 2014 – 4th Sunday of Advent

Fr. Fernando Torres, CMF

The birth of a new child in a family is always a difficult time, but also full of joy and hope. The life being born is fragile and weak. Parents have to give the new baby a lot of attention and care. The baby then becomes the center of the family’s attention. This is the only way in which the new life can grow and the child will be able to be a full human person. This process is fraught with difficulties. The newborn represents an enormous responsibility for the parents. The joy of the birth will be complete gradually as the parents collaborate in the development of the child. Thus the expectation of birth is a time of hope and also a time of concern. Will everything be all right?

Mary is the protagonist of this last Sunday in Advent. The time of Jesus’ birth is near. Mary, doubtless, lived this time in hope and joy. As any other mother, she probably had many questions about the future of the life she was carrying in her womb. And she didn’t doubt the promise God had given her: what she bore in her womb was a fruit of the Spirit of God. Faith is a characteristic of Mary’s attitude. She was had full trust in the Lord. That’s why she could go to visit her cousin in order to help her at the time of birth.

The joyful hope of faith must characterize the life of the Church and of our Christian community. The presence of God is coming into our world. To prepare ourselves for Christmas is to have hearts that are open to the newness that God can bring into our lives at any moment, because God continues to be born in our world. God continues to be present in our world, sometimes in unusual ways, and certainly, always among the favorites; the poor and simple. We will be blessed if we are able to perceive that mysterious presence of God near us! Then, we will really be able to prepare to celebrate Christmas.