“Come, O Christmas, Come”

Sr. Sam

As the month of December begins, everyone around the world feels the joy of the season, and become busy in preparing for Christmas. Decorations around the house and street, becomes the key point for the celebrations.

Business profits zoom with good sale of decorations, sweets, clothes and other things. Unknowingly everyone becomes very busy in preparing external things.

Can anyone stop for a while, and ask oneself : ‘’Are the decorations and sweets alone a Christmas celebrations? Is the external preparation more important than internal preparations?’’Perhaps no, and certainly not.

Decorating our hearts with love, peace and Joy of Christ is the decoration we need to do for Christmas celebrations. Because Christ is born in a manger, which was simple but humble shelter for God incarnation.

We need to make our Christmas meaningful and it becomes meaningful only when we believe in Christ and follow His teachings, and be like Him, compassionate and merciful. We need to see Christ being born in human hearts.

Little Johnny was enjoying his shopping with his father in a huge Mall,he was very much excited about the Christmas celebrations, after the big shopping as he was coming out of the mall, he saw some of the poor children standing far away from the mall and expectantly looking at the decorations and toys hanging around. Johnny came with bags filled with toys, sweets and clothes in his hand , he passed by, looked at those poor children and went a head silently, after walking few steps, he turned around and came back to those children and he took out one by one of his toys, clothes and sweets and distributed to those poor children, leaving nothing behind for him. His father was astonished at this act of his son. Johnny looked at his daddy with bright smile and said “Happy Christmas Daddy”. Johnny’s father bent down and embraced him and kissed him, and said “This is true Christmas my son.” Because the joy what we feel now, could not be substituted with all these things. Both together voiced “Come, O Christmas, come’’.

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