SEARCHING FOR CHRISTIAN IDENTITY – 2ND Journey Of Christianity And Life In Portuguese And English

Pedro Daniel Oliveira

The Cathedral Parish backed by the Diocese of Macau is carrying out the 2nd Journeys of Christianity and Life, in Portuguese, ending tomorrow with an ecological walk with comments in Portuguese and English.

“The goal of this activity is to enter into a dynamic of formation for Christians. It integrates a pastoral program of the Diocese of Macau and is addressed to religious, clergy and laity,”  Associate Professor Dr Isabel Varanda of the Faculty of Theology at the Catholic University of Portugal told O CLARIM. She is in Macau lecturing on the 2nd Journeys od Christianity and Life, under “The ‘Christian’ Style of Dwelling the World.”

“We want to understand whether or not there is a Christian way of inhabiting the world, and on how a Christian can be distinguished from a believer of another religion or even from someone who doesn’t profess any religion. The Christian identity is sought here,” Dr Varanda said.

The lecture “Being Church, today” was given last Wednesday, and “Responsibility and commitment in the proclamation of the Gospel” was addressed yesterday. From 6:45 PM-8:00 PM of today is “The Gospel of Creation: caring for and loving the world.”

The ecological walk is scheduled for tomorrow around the Guia Hill. Gathering takes place at the Jardim Vasco da Gama, at 2:30 PM, and half an hour later the walk towards the Chapel of Our Lady Guia will commence.

“We will have moments of silence. And we will have small moments of pause, with comments in English and Portuguese on Laudato Si, and on Macau’s native trees,” Dr Varanda stressed, adding, “the walk is open to all, regardless of whether they speak Portuguese or English.”

As a Christian, she has seen with “great joy” the “impact of the Gospel of Jesus Christ” on local Catholics. “It’s possible to perceive the desire they have to deepen and better understand Sacred Scripture, and what the Church is. This Church, which has more than over a millennia, and with its visibility and institutional weight, also has a spiritual dimension,” she said.

2nd Journeys of Christianity and Life follows the course on the Gospel of Saint Mark, given last January, also in Bishop’s Palace, by the Professor of Sacred Scripture and Dean of Faculty of Theology at the Catholic University of Portugal Fr João Lourenço.

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