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The Macau Cathedral-Parish Catholic Faith Formation Program (in ENGLISH) is designed with a simplified and unique approach to Catholic teaching and doctrine, to address the needs of those who are new to the Catholic faith as well as those Catholics who are seeking to deepen their faith in God.

“24 HOURS FOR THE LORD” 2018 – Eucharistic Adoration and Sacramental Confession

9th MAR, FRI

7:30 PM Eucharistic Adoration (Portuguese) and Sacramental Confession (Portuguese, English and Cantonese)


Jasmin Yiu

Located at Travessa da Sé, a small alley adjacent to Cathedral’s Office, Silva Café started its business on Sunday January 21, after receiving a blessing from Fr Cyril Law.

SEARCHING FOR CHRISTIAN IDENTITY – 2ND Journey Of Christianity And Life In Portuguese And English

Pedro Daniel Oliveira

The Cathedral Parish backed by the Diocese of Macau is carrying out the 2nd Journeys of Christianity and Life, in Portuguese, ending tomorrow with an ecological walk with comments in Portuguese and English.

FULFILLING POPE FRANCIS WISH – Macau Diocese Welcomes “24 Hours For The Lord”

Pedro Daniel Oliveira

From March 9-10, the Diocese of Macau celebrates the “24 Hours for the Lord,” in order to fulfill Pope Francis’ wish, inviting the churches of every diocese to keep their doors open round the clock, thus offering the faithful access to confession and Eucharistic adoration.