Jasmin Yiu

Located at Travessa da Sé, a small alley adjacent to Cathedral’s Office, Silva Café started its business on Sunday January 21, after receiving a blessing from Fr Cyril Law.

Talking to O CLARIM, Mr Shota, director of Silva Café said the shop is operated through a local Portuguese food supplier. “I have always been wanting to start a coffee shop. I was asking friends whether this was possible, and what a coincidence, the Cathedral was interested in freeing up space for the faithful to gather. This is God’s plan and arrangement!”

Silva Café mainly provides Macau special food, the most popular being pork chop bun and egg tart. Also, the café has also come up with an exclusive product — Portuguese Rooster Cake.

“It’s the idea of my father, we even ordered a special machine for making the cake.” At the same time, Mr Shota also hopes to provide more local snacks in the future.

Silva Café had been in trial operation for two months. However, Mr Shota admitted that he underestimated the challenge of starting a café. “It is very competitive, but I hope to attract more people by inventing more new local snacks. I hope everyone to know, except fish balls and beef bowl, there are more in this small alley.”

Another special feature of the café,is that it hires hearing-impaired person. Mr Shota said it took about half a year for recruitment, and hoped to provide an opportunity for these impaired people, “since the workload is not complicated, I think they can surely handle it. But we need to be more patient with them.” He also made a special menu for ordering. Customers can just order by pointing to their choices and or using other simple body language.

Furthermore, Mr Shota said these employees are not Catholic, but hope they can feel God by working near the church (Cathedral). “When they see the priest coming everyday, they feel a sense of closeness. They know there is a church nearby. Everything is around them, the next step is to let them think, and let them feel God.”

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