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A PILGRIM’S NOTES – The Lord’s Cross and our cross

Fausto Gomez OP

“Anyone who has a true devotion to the Passion of the Lord must contemplate Jesus on the cross, with the eyes of his heart, that Jesus’ flesh is his own” (St Leo the Great).

Near the celebration of Good Friday, I wish to meditate with you on the cross of our Lord, and on our cross. Fray Luis de Granada after reading the Passion of Our Lord was going to preach on it. He started: “The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ according to St. John.” And he began to cry and could not continue. Perhaps, it was – they said – his best sermon! And he preached many excellent sermons!

BITE-SIZE PHILOSOPHY (057) – How can one be sure?

Rev José Mario O Mandía

We have seen that truth is based on what exists, on what is real. When we are confronted with reality, because of our freedom, we can respond to it [that reality] in at least three ways, we can hold three possible attitudes to it: certainty, opinion or doubt. Note well that while truth refers to “state of affairs” (the way things are), these three attitudes refer to different “states of mind” (what I think about them).

WHAT SUFFERING MEANS FOR A CHRISTIAN – Participants in the Redemption of Christ

Miguel Augusto (*)

The most difficult question of a believer, to bear and to understand, is the cause of human suffering, which in certain cases, is taken and lived to the extreme and, in others, taken as unjust or incomprehensible.

When we have to carry a cross, we look up and ask: “Why me? How can I endure it? Does God listen to my prayers? How can I live and, what is the reason for my suffering, my life in God’s plan?”

APOLOGIA (15) – Can we talk of a living God?


Objection 1: It seems that we cannot say that God is living, because things that are alive move, transform and die but He is not like that.

Objection 2: We talk of living things when they were properly brought to life. But if God is eternal, cannot be considered as “living” under these premises.


Marco Tosatti

On January 2017, Donald Trump was not yet President of the United States. And at the United Nations, the US, and of course the European Union, had carried out a heavy lobbying action to ensure that the international body set up, for the first time, an “independent” expert who oversees the global level of respect for “Rights” of LGBT communities. The amendment passed with a decidedly reduced majority (84 against 77, and 16 abstentions) and the Assembly also rejected an amendment tabled by fifty African countries that demanded that the powers of the expert be precisely defined and limited.

UNIVERSITY OF ST JOSEPH – Ilha Verde Campus holds Naming Rights Ceremony

On 19th March 2018, a Naming Rights Ceremony was held at the Saint Joseph Ilha Verde Campus at 10:30 am.  The ceremony began with an opening speech by the Bishop of Macau and Chancellor of USJ, His Excellency Bishop Stephen Lee Bun Sang, at the small auditorium of University of Saint Joseph, which was named the “Don Bosco Auditorium”. After that, participants of the ceremony moved to the Central Garden of the campus which is named “Eric Mo Central Garden” on the day. The ceremony ends at the Library’s exhibition gallery, which was then named “Kent Wong Exhibition Gallery”.


Joaquim Magalhães de castro

I learned about Ethiopia and its historical relationship with Portugal – the first European interlocutor of the mythical Christian kingdom – thanks to a little book by Elaine Sanceau that I discovered in a bookstore, a good number of years ago.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH DON NICOLA BUX – Renewal will come from the heart

Aurelio Porfiri

There are many liturgists who have lost the sense of the sacred and the sense of the dignity of the liturgy. This is why we are living the present liturgical crisis. One of those who has resisted the decay is Don Nicola Bux, a liturgy professor from Bari (south Italy). His books are certainly a landmark for all those who still care for the beauty, for the importance, for the necessity of reverent liturgies. One of his most recent books is Con i sacramenti non si scherza (“Let us not make fun of the Sacraments,” 2016 Cantagalli).

MARIAN APPARITIONS (59) – Marseilles, France

Late one afternoon during the thirteenth century, a solitary French fisherman was fishing off the harbor of Marseille. A terrific storm burst upon him and his boat tossed around and was filled with water. His rudder was lost; his mast snapped. Everything looked hopeless, and he felt he could never get back to the harbor. The fisherman thought of the family he would never see again and cast a despairing look at the city, the huge rock standing like a sentinel or guard on the mountain which overtopped the city and harbor.


Tej Francis


With lifelong rule by Xi Jinping, how will Christians fare in China?

(CNA/EWTN News) This month’s meeting of China’s National People’s Congress, convened March 5, has confirmed a constitutional change eliminating term limits and allowing President Xi Jinping to stay in power beyond 2023. Xi, who assumed office in March 2013, has overseen a national campaign to demolish churches and remove more than 1,000 crosses from China’s churches during his first five year term as president, leaving human rights advocates wondering what his latest consolidation of power means for the future of religious freedom in China.