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LECTIO DIVINA (2) – Reading, meditation and prayer

Fausto Gomez OP

In our first piece, published earlier by O CLARIM, we introduced divine reading and talked of the needed preparation to practice it correctly. In this second piece, we develop the first three moments or steps of lectio divina, namely, reading, meditation, and prayer.

BITE-SIZE PHILOSOPHY (43) – What are internal senses?

Rev José Mario O Mandía

We are now exploring the unpredictability of man, but there are still several things we have to tackle before we can answer that question. Today, we will talk about how we and animals process the sensory input.

Last time we were examining the act of knowing through our external senses. But our own experience leads us to discover not only the external senses but also the internal senses (see Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae I, q 78, a 4). We shall tackle these briefly.


Rev José Mario O Mandía

Pope Francis’ visit to Myanmar and Bangladesh included two meetings with young people: one on November 30 at St Mary’s Cathedral in Yangon and another on December 2 Notre Dame College in Dhaka. Here are some key lessons from those two encounters.


Rev José Mario O Mandía

“Reform” is a key Christian word because it is part of the Church’s mission. To be Catholic is to recognize that one is a sinner and to respond to the call to repentance. To be Catholic is to acknowledge that one needs personal reform, personal conversion, personal renewal.

On 22 December 2016, in his Christmas address to the Curia, Pope noted that “reform is first and foremost a sign of life, of a Church that advances on her pilgrim way, of a Church that is living and for this reason semper reformanda, in need of reform because she is alive.”

APOLOGIA (8) – Does God have a body?


Objection 1: In the Scripture very often God is referred as someone that has a body, as it is stated in the book of Job (11:8-9): “It is higher than the heavens; what can you do? It is deeper than the nether world; what can you know? It is longer than the earth in measure, and broader than the sea.” So, from this, it seems he has a body.

MARIAN APPARITIONS (46) – L’ile Bouchard, France

December 8, 1947 was going to be a very special day for three little girls, Jacqueline Aubrey (12), her sister Jeanette (7), and their cousin, Nicole Robin (10). It was the feast of the Immaculate Conception and also the day they would meet the Virgin Mary. The girls had eaten their lunch at home and were returning to school when Jacqueline suggested they stop on the way back to visit the chapel.

A Prophet Like Elijah Preparing His Way — 2ND SUNDAY OF ADVENT (B)

Is 40:1-5,9-11; 2 Pt 3:8-14; Mk 1:1-8
Fernando Armellini MCJ
Claretian Publications, Macau

“This is the beginning of the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” This is a carefully composed verse by Mark wanting to draw his readers’ attention to the beginning of the book of Genesis: “In the beginning when God began to create the heavens and the earth.”


Aurelio Porfiri

There is an interesting book about the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite (it would be very useful also for those celebrating in the ordinary form): Father James Jackson’s Nothing Superfluous. An Explanation of the Symbolism of the Rite of St Gregory the Great (Redbrush 2016). It makes for great reading, written with the accessible style of Father Jackson.

THEOLOGICAL REFLECTION (7) — The Deuteronomic Covenant (Deuteronomy)

Joni Cheng

Deuteronomy covered the times when Moses and the sons of Israel were waiting outside of the Promised Land, where he recounted the happenings, introduced a new set of laws and gave the blessings and curses before he died at 120 years old.

MSGR GERVAS ROZARIO ON THE PAPAL VISIT TO BANGLADESH – Apostolic journey “like a joyful feast”

Pedro Daniel Oliveira

Msgr Gervas Rozario, Bishop of the Rajshahi Diocese in Dhaka, shares with us his thoughts on the Pope Francis’ visit to Bangladesh. Speaking to O CLARIM, he highlighted the enthusiasm of Catholics to have the Holy Father among them, and pointed out what is at stake with the Rohingya crisis.