MASTER’S DEGREE IN COMUNICATION AND MEDIA AT USJ – Students’ performance beyond expectations

Pedro Daniel Oliveira

Twelve students started last month their master’s degree in Communication and Media at University of Saint Joseph (USJ). Since then, the course on “Ethics and Global Citizenship,” the first subject, “achieved a fruitfully discussion with students that will help them to be able to face any academic and professional challenge [in future],” Dr José Manuel Simões told O CLARIM. He is the head of the Communication and Media Department at USJ.

“This group has exceeded our expectations, which allowed us to have a level of discussion and content analysis, as well as practices and accomplishments. It will certainly prepare our masters students to face the competitive labor market further substantiated with ‘savoir faire’ [know-how] and ability to respond to the most urgent challenges in the field,” explained Dr Simões.

“The current program has evolved from the bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media and its reputedly successful program, which is attested to by the relevant number of students enrolled and also by the overall satisfaction of the majority after they complete the course and their ability to enter into the job market.”

“Nevertheless, I have to say that the masters goes beyond that. The teachers, all of international reputation, can offer the know-how and their theoretical background to help the master students capably execute the projects. It encourages them to tread new paths for this academic area, which requires methodology, innovation and ability to perform,” added Dr Simões.

The first year program covers “Ethics and Global Citizenship”, “Audiovisual Media Production”, “Media, Society and Culture”, “Marketing and Corporate Communication”, “Infographics and Multimedia Design”, “Visual Culture”, “Systematic Creativity and Entrepreneurship” and “Public Relations and Event Management.”

The second year covers “Research Seminar”, Media Production and Portfolio” and “Dissertation.” “We have a teaching staff with wide international experience and a solid partnership with the Catholic University of Portugal,” stressed Dr Simões.

After completing the master’s degree, the holder is entitled to develop professional research with a level of autonomy within the framework of communication sciences, a step forward for further investigation and research in the doctoral level in USJ, namely in “Global Studies.”

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